and more rain…

Raspberries remind me of my dad…

My veggies are kinda boring right now. They have no desire to grow.

My basil needed a little attention, I am growing a ton! I can’t wait.

I’m done!

Spinach and beans were the last things to be planted.

We went downtown on Monday to watch the marathon spectacle.

It was a beautiful day to walk around…

Pink trees = spring…

Three years ago today I was in St. Louis meeting Mr. Dejo for the first time… sigh:) He is so dreamy…

The Bloody Mary’s at this place were divine… Enough to make you want a layover in Denver.

I forgot about this picture, that duck makes me laugh out loud… He’s haulin ass!

They were so sweet…

I love love love St. Louis! I would go back anytime.

That shirt looks so new! And no tattoo… weird.

What a lucky girl I am…


One thought on “and more rain…

  1. Happy Anniversary on meeting Mr. Right for the first time! Little did we know then… You ARE a lucky girl! BUT, he is definately lucky also. That’s the secret to marital bliss… Both of you thinking you are the lucky one! Love you beautiful Belle! And miss you. Love the photographs, one day the world will see!

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