April Grey’s…


Andee and I went to the fabric store over the weekend. Color everywhere!

Next time I won’t be going on the weekend.



We never go out to the bars anymore, they are loud and full of silly half-dressed people.

This weekend because we had a friend staying with us who likes that scene, we headed out for a night on the town.

We were home by midnight…

I don’t know how those girls kept their straws straight.

We went and played pub trivia Sunday night.

A bit more “us”

In my on-going search for an above par Bloody Mary, this is one of the better ones in the city so far…


Back to the dentist…

I now have beautiful chip-free bottom teeth.


J came with me to yoga. What a great man.


I transplanted some of my seedlings that were ready into bigger starter pots. I cut off the bottom of lunch sacks, they seem to be perfect for holding my little adolescents .

I am looking forward to the day they can stay outside. My living room is feeling a bit  cramped.

My lone Red Tomato is doing great!

Overflow into my front entryway.


There aren’t too many things better than veggies and meat in a really spicy sauce.


Randomness from our walk…









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