march smarch…





All of my seeds are officially germinated! Time to leave the ugly blue basket and into the sun…


The yellow tomatoes are getting so close to getting a new bigger pot of dirt.


The peas are a little leggy, like most everything else. I still love them.


My sweet, sweet Red peppers.


I have a basil in my cilantro.


I try to keep water off the leaves, buuuuuttttttt…….


I have about ten tulips peaking out of their containers so far…


Thanks to Andee, I now know how to use my sewing machine. I can’t wait to play!


I went to the dentist the other day… Even though they don’t take care of their plants, I still like them.

I just want to take all neglected plants home and love them.

I love that you can see my nose ring…

These girls are fantastic! My dentist is like 24.


We headed to Quincy to have breakfast with J’s sister (and brood) the other morning, I’m glad we got to see them while they were in town.

I miss her chocolate chip cookies.


This is the house J lived in until he was eight…


The early spring flowers are starting to bloom! Finally color.


One of my favorite childhood meals, Denver Sandwich (not a sandwich).

Oh ya, and it’s super healthy…

6 thick strips of bacon cut up
6 eggs
grated or diced half a small onion
1/8 cup of water
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper

Throw everything but the eggs in a frying pan, cook bacon and onion to your prefurred  doneness. I cook it til the liquid cooks almost out.

In a separate bowl whisk the eggs,  dump over bacon and cook until done.

If you serve it with toast it’s kinda a sandwich…

I have been going to a Yoga studio down town…

I am slowly starting to take advantage of this fantastic city we live in.

I hung out at the book store while waiting for Wynn to get done at the beauty parlor.


She hates the T but people on the T love her…


Until April… fool.


One thought on “march smarch…

  1. Fabulous Belle! LOVE the pictures and the reminder of how much I love Denver Sandwich! I totally want to yoga with you. I think I would like it!

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