Fix Your Ear, Wynn… You’ll Get Palsy Like Your Mother.

This is how long it’s been… The Paradise fire was the second week of November.  Time is slipping away…

SO! I couldn’t wait until the end of the blog to introduce you to our newest Constantine, Maximus.  To the best of our knowledge, he is a border collie, husky mix. He certainly herds like a collie, and sas talks like a husky. He was born the end of November, my favorite month.
He gives superior hugs.
He is all consuming. It took me about four hours to become completely attached….

My friend, Rachelle takes me to the best “hole in the walls”.
Fish curry served on a cafeteria plate. Just my speed.

Thanksgiving at Ruth and Bob’s. Our surrogate family.

Frozen chicken feet…

The Mr’s potions…

Chinese food and Christmas lights…

Christmas Eve…

Christmas Day on our beach…

This is a weird area where the ocean runs into itself…

Christmas Soup.

New Year’s Eve day, with Peter.

It’s always humbling to have a friend who goes to school with you that manages to do it all AND raise a family.

Mine was Kari.

This is Michelle, James’ Kari.

First day: term 11

At this moment he has seven weeks left in his Masters Program.
This part of our journey has simultaneously taken forever, and flown by.
My heart will be broken and elated to be away from here.

Two of my favorite people have birthdays on January 14. My middle sister, and this shiny gem.

Wynn digs her Cami.

This is Max’s litter.
I was so excited and overwhelmed, these shit pictures are all I managed to get. I believe there was eight. I wanted them all.

Work Holiday Party…
James got a puppy and managed to weasel out of going.

My birthday cake: 41

It is the year for changes… And I’m stoked!

Tomorrow is “I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY” day.  I didn’t mean to write that all in caps, but I like it.

I sending you all a ton of HAPPY…


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