That Is A Bad Place To Take A Nap, Fish…

Hi, All…. Happy Happy Happy Holidays!! And yes, I say “Holidays”. There is a lot this time of year, and I appreciate them all.

We found a new favorite beach. It’s a dog lovers beach. And since we love dogs… and other people who also love dogs.
We spent Christmas Day there (pictures on the next blog)… (In April.)

When we stopped so I could take this picture, the man who owned the house near by came out and started screaming at me (lots of very bad words). So I blew him kisses, and waved, while he was telling me to “go fuck myself”.
So, I’m going to stick it to him by putting up the only picture I got, even if it’s crap…

Off to Florida!

We spent the first part of our trip with J’s middle sister and her family.

Florida Gators! A momma and her babies. (You have to look hard for the babies.)

The Taylor’s live in Lakeland. It is known for it’s swans. They are everywhere…

This is what pops into my head every time I see a swan…

Wedding time!
Sonny is one of J’s closest friends. He graces the ol’ blog from time to time, but not nearly enough.

The wasps were not invited to the wedding…

The “best” man.

The bride…
This was our first chance to meet Danielle.
She is a GEM.

We will get to know her better when we drag them to Montana to live.

We had Sonny’s daughter, Irina for the day. She is much more fun now than when she was younger… And she agrees.

This is me.

Sun rainbow. Kinda…

She is such a sport…

This was my favorite moment: running into Wynn puppies. I was too busy freaking out to take more pictures. I do so love dogs, especially shih tzu’s.

Is a penny lucky or unlucky, if its upright…?

We laughed a lot that day…

I do so love the beach…

And, to top it off, we ran into these two, who just happened to be in the same area running a marathon. J and Sean used to work together in Boston… Good Peeps.

That’s it!!! Holy crap! THIS has taken for-ev-er to finish…

I am so excited for this year!! 95% good things are on the horizon. (The other 5% is having to leave some very kick-ass people when we exit this state… but we don’t talk about that part.)

Happy 2019, Loves!






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