That’s What You Get For Being Hasty…

Yes, I’m still alive…

I’m inspired right now, just not with this.

The thought of writing about the last three months feels like a thousand pounds.
It’s painfully time consuming getting the cat dribble in my head to transfer to paper.
Instead, I will write very little.

In seven days I turn 40. I’m really kinda excited…
I’ve come to appreciate my birth-date.  I get a month right after the crazy of the holidays to take a breather, and plan my  “new year”.
I’m full of hope.

My husband wanted to start acupuncture school when he was 40, and he did.

My purple tomatillos were the most beautiful things ever, I will grow them always.

The Mr. and I scored a seat at my friend Ruth’s Thanksgiving table.
I relinquished control, it was a rare event.

I’m eternally grateful for family: new, old, borrowed, invented… and food.

It was a delightful day, with delightful people.

J and I went neighborhood shop shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We figured we were safe on foot.

I do so enjoy hanging with him. He makes the simple shine.

Co-workers and Christmas lights…

First day of the advent calendar, we lost interest after that. I blame the chocolate quality.

I still cook with my mom’s thermometer.

I made chai concentrate for part of my co-workers gifts.
It was Christmas in a bottle, plus it made my house smell perfect.

I’m so much better of a friend when you live close. Handmade or baked presents are my jam. That rarely translates well with shipping.

Holiday (work) Christmas Party…

My sister and her minis spoil me.

I’ll photograph my other treasures later…

East Coast trip…

We left for New Jersey Christmas Day.

We got winter…

I sat in this spot next to the wood burning stove for five days.

We watched a lot of DIY tv (became instant fans of Chip & Joanna).
And, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.
I read all five Percy Jackson books, (thank you MIL)…

She is one of my favorite parts of J.

My Sisters in Law are remarkable.

The perks package is what sold me on him.

He was/is a bit of a spiderman fan…

My first train ride: Philly to Boston.

NYE with very good friends.
We miss this crew.

Snow Days a plenty…

Mexican Train: Highly recommended for all.

Goodbye cold Boston, thank you for teaching me what a bomb cyclone is.

J’s eighth first day.
Eight hours after getting home from the East coast. He’s impressive.

Tomorrow is Belly Laugh Day.
Please find a reason to have one.

Happy New Beginnings, Loves!


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