Trick or Treat…

Apple cider donuts. I haven’t been able to find anywhere out here that makes them. They are an essential part of fall on the north-east coast.

They taste nothing like apple cider.

I asked my friend who moved here from CT if she’d run across any yet… no go.

Her last trip home she brought me back a couple… That is a good friend.

I still keep my eye out…

Co-worker weekend holiday… Like I don’t get enough of these circus freaks during the week.

They make me tolerate California…

Year number seven with this guy. (Who, when I write, “this guy” still brings a smile to my face.)

Of course oysters.

Seven is a lucky number.

Thanks for coming over for dinner, Leon…

Why did you go with the Audi…?

It looks like all I ever do is eat out…

CA fire sunset.

My parents came for a visit… It was a perfect visit.

Watching Ethan (my nephew) play football in Montana… I even got a glimpse of the rest of my family.

I can’t help but love technology sometimes.

Mostly I just want to live in the woods…

Rosie the Riveter Museum.

I tend to migrate to garden stuff…

Last picture dry…

Lots of walks…

And cards…

And garden time…

I miss having them around…

Happy Halloween, Loves.

I’m going to go find a twix.



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