Thanks For Reminding Me, I Need To Pick Up My Cat’s Prozac…

Hi Loves! It’s been awhile…

I think we chatted just after Christmas…

If you’re thinking because it’s been awhile, this will be a fabulous blog, and I’ll have tons of great pictures, you are wrong. In reality, it was a looooong winter… I took very few pictures. It really wasn’t that long of a winter, it just felt that way.

Long ago Christmas date in New Hampshire…








New Years Day with friends… and Pants (the cat).





My husband knows what I like…



I have been trying to perfect sourdough bread, real sourdough, made with homemade starter and all… First try: tasted fantastic, very dense. I read a bunch of tips online, so my second time I was expecting perfection, no go, dense again… Third, the same…. Fourth time, I realized that the gods don’t want me to make bread. I have decided to wait until I move closer to San Francisco (where sourdough is happiest) that is the final piece…



Every once in a while J and I feel the need to watch sports, it usually has more to do with where we are watching the game, and what kind of food they serve.



It seems like forever since we’ve been to the beach… I miss it. Another product of this winter…








I didn’t really photograph the snow that much, the novelty of it all wore off quick.






Birthday dinner out with Michelle and Dante. Oysters and bowling… Happy Birthday to me!





Crap-ton of snow doesn’t stop the Wags’ from throwing an outside Super Bowl party…


Locals take their sports very serious…


Happy Day of Love… two months late.





Our house was supposed to go on the market March 1… Then it snowed six feet, so we postponed it. Then the snow and ice did a number on our roof and gutters so we decided to replace them, and we postponed again… Now that the snow is over, the rain has started, putting a roof on in the rain is no biggie… It has been frustrating to say the least, it is taking so much longer than we wanted.

I’m kind of a control freak, having too much out of my control, makes me crazy. I am there.

It will all work out in the end, I trust that.

J removing ice damns (no that isn’t spelled wrong).



We went to the symphony!!! It was soooo amazing, I had an absolute blast!


Friend time up north… It’s starting to make me very sad that my east coast friend visits are numbered. I am beyond excited to move, but I have made some really good friends out here that I don’t want leave.


Well Loves, our time is over, as exciting as its been…

Next time we meet: our house will be officially on the market (hopefully sold), I will be heading to Montana for two months, and the thing I’m most excited about… J will be so much closer to being done with his job (that I hate almost as much as he does).

It’s going to be a great summer!

Love to you all!



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