I Never Said You Could Stop Digging…!

I don’t even want to hear it…

Yes, two months is too long to go between blogs.

I have been stretched so thin since I got home from Montana, every aspect of my life is suffering. I have been playing the “squeaky wheel gets the oil” game, not my favorite. I have anxiety  all the time,  I can’t relax.

I am a person who hates excuses from others, I don’t give them myself… So for the last two months I have just appeared to be dumbass who can’t get anything done.

While I write this post, there are three cards full of images ready to go for the next one.

I have to start somewhere…

I don’t even remember my trip, the images help… I do remember this hat in the airport when I was leaving though. For those who don’t know… Montana State, baby! He thought I was weird. I’m used to it._MG_0304-1

Typical Montana weather welcoming me home.


I stayed with my sister who lives in my Grandparents old house, I spent many a day there in my youth. This is the door to the dress-up closet… Now it’s her crazy cat’s favorite spot.


“The Aunts…”  My dad’s sisters. VERY cool trio.


And I got my Auntie Mary’s goulash, (American chop suey to you New Englanders) a must have!


I was there to photograph this perfect little couples wedding. Good peeps.



And gems!

I love being back where the waitress automatically brings ranch to the table with your order. And it’s good ranch, not the creepy clear-ish substance that passes for ranch on the east coast.




I was lucky enough to get to spend time with almost everyone I set out to see.








Ahhh… I love you Mas Taco.







Yup, it totally runs in the family…

AND, a very Happy Birthday to this guy! You are the best brother in the world! I so happy you were born first.




And back home I go… (I have two homes.)


And on to the garden olympics!

Starting with dirt. YUM!





My shiny new potato box! (My potatoes are already two feet tall.)



It’s like posting newborn photos of a baby that’s now a year old.








My first rhubarb cutting! I was so proud of myself.










My lilies of the valley came back! I thought they were goners….







This is an ugly picture but it’s a tulip that is actually growing in MY yard, so I had to include it.






My nephew sent me a ton of these butterflies for Mother’s Day, they are stuck all over my yard… Thank you sweet boy!



Yup, I think photographing while driving should not be allowed…



I love helping with friends’ gardens…














This mint chocolate chip ice cream actually tasted like mint, like real mint. I must replicate…


I like to finish with ice cream.

I’m not even going to proofread, I just NEED to get this crossed off my list!

Happy ball point pen day, Loves… I feel like sticking one in my eye.

I love you all!


One thought on “I Never Said You Could Stop Digging…!

  1. I’ve missed you and your blogs!!!! Love all your flower pics! Can’t wait to see more pics of your garden. Excited to see you!!!!!

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