Kiss My Ass, Winter…

My little black cloud is back… obviously.  Well, it was back, I was so wretched even it couldn’t stand me and  left.

I wish I was all happy, happy, happy! (or better at faking it) but that is not life…

So, to all of you who feel less than perky this time of year, you are not alone, and it will go away.


It’s kinda hard to see the ring around the moon… I have never seen one this wide before. Very cool!




Healing trip to the ocean for me and the princess. She gets sad this time of year too.

The beach was packed with doggies and their pets. You could feel the collective sigh from everyone there. We weren’t the only ones who needed the sun and ocean.


Sugar tolerating me and the weird black thing stuck to my face…






One of my images is in the 2014 Organic Gardener desk calendar, at the beginning of March.

I got a free calendar out of the deal…


This image…


I have lots of new babies in the basement…







And new this year, broccoli rabe.


My christmas cactus is blooming again… What a nice surprise.



Happy Sunday Loves! I hope we all feel a bit more cheerful next time we meet.


One thought on “Kiss My Ass, Winter…

  1. Hey toots – 16 degrees today has me pretty hostile too! Here’s hoping spring comes quickly & our peonies are SUPER happy from all the cold!

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