B is for Barbara…

I find a GQ picture of James Franco to be completly acceptable to wrap a two year old’s birthday present… We got her wine last year.


This blog is going to be totally lame. I got nothin’ loves.

I will tell you 15 things about myself to make up for my lack of bloggedness: (I feel like an eight year old trying to entertain the crowd because her dad is passed out drunk.)

  1. Every year I put out every single Christmas ornament and decoration I own. If I was a Christmas ornament, and Christmas was the only time I got to shine and someone left me in the box, I’d be very sad.
  2. It makes me lose my mind when people let the water run while doing dishes.
  3. One of my very earliest memories is my mother giving me a bath outside in a metal tub.
  4. My two smartest decisions ever: going to photography school, and marrying  Mr. C.
  5. I will never retire.
  6. I keep Christmas lights up year-round.
  7. I am now a morning person after being a night owl my whole life.
  8. My mom listened to classical music while she was pregnant with me. It is still one of my favorite types of music.
  9. I’m nearly always cold. (like now)
  10. I hate to exercise… except yoga.
  11. I have to sleep covered, even when it’s hot.
  12. When I make a wish, it’s almost always the same one.
  13. I want to be a farmer when I grow up.
  14. I’m most thankful that both my and J’s families are full of kind, loving people.
  15. If I could have any job in the world it would be working with really old photographs and negatives at some big ol’ museum.

Please make my day and tell me at least one thing about you that I don’t know…







I miss your face…


Trick or Treat!


These were my favorite Halloween candy when I was little. My sister would trade me all her milky ways for my snickers… I miss her.






My favorites…




The last of this years hot peppers…



“Oh you need to hard boil your eggs in the oven, it’s so much easier.”

Ok, I’ll give it a try…

So, I go to this site that gives you the specifics. My first clue that this would not end well was the lady complaining how hard it was to fill a pot of water, bla bla bla, really? Since when is it a pain in the ass to fill a pot of water? She sounded like a bad infomercial… Anyway, 325 for 30 minutes, it’s that easy. Bullshit. My eggs were overcooked on one side and had a slimy raw spot on the other, and would not peel. I don’t know why I felt compelled to do this being my mom taught me how to hard boil eggs forever ago and they come out perfect…

  • Place eggs in boiling water (even new eggs) for 11-15 minutes (depending on the amount of eggs).
  • Take them off the heat, drain the hot water out and keep replacing it with cold water until the water stays cold. You might get a cracked one here and there,  just eat that one first.

Oven eggs suck.


There you go Loves…  Now go clean out your refrigerator, or give to someone in need…


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