Positively Positive…

Good morning my lovelies… It will no longer be morning when you read this, but it’s a beautiful New England morning at this moment.


The last of the summer blooms…


It’s kind of a trip living in an area where it rains in the fall.



My very last pansy bloom.


Goodbye heat, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.





My brussels are tiny but still alive, which is more than I could have hoped for. They looked pretty sad in the early summer heat… They will be enjoyed with our turkey dinner.

Have I mentioned I’ve banned negativity from my life…? No matter how I feel, I refuse to be negative. I have a couple slip-ups from time to time but I just go to my happy thought (my mom) and it goes away.





Mr. C’s crab cakes were pretty amazing…


My carrots are beautiful… I’m leaving them in the ground as long as I can, pulling them only when needed. I heard they’re pretty hardy and can stand the cold, we will see.



I have one habanero plant, I am thankful I didn’t plant two. It is going crazy! I already have too many…




My first mum bloom of the season, all my plants are transplants from other areas of my yard. They all seem happy in their new homes…



This little guy was suppose to be an annual. (I planted these last year.) He decided to come back for another year, I’m so happy he did.


Last of the watermelons… We ended up with ten from two plants, not a bad haul for my first year.


I am a canning machine! Applesauce and apple butter being my thing last two weeks. I loved the applesauce so much I went back for two more pecks.




We made steel cut oats in the crock pot, I highly recommend.

  • 1 c oats
  • 4 c water
  • 1/2 t salt

Throw in the crock pot for 6-8 hrs… wa-la!

Makes 4 cups  (it reheats nicely). Divide recipe down if needed.

We have a quart and a half mini crock pot, but the recipe says you can put it in a normal sized one. If you divide the recipe down, I think it may cook too fast in a large pot, so reduce the time.


My new ride… Perfect for a photographer with ADD.


Our last minute meals would rival most people’s planned…



We do this… I love living by the ocean.




I wrote a huge, long paragraph about why I dislike entities that fool people into thinking that certain things are good for them, (when they are not) only for profit. It sounded very negative and a little conspiracy theroy-ish (not that it isn’t true). So I will simply say, I went to a color class…

I had to go to my happy thought… twice.


Ahhhh, and we arrive at our anniversary weekend…. Another happy place, and there’s German wine there. Score!


We stayed here…

Our stay just happened to land on the fall equinox, (to which it was named) Serendipitous to say the least.

It truly was the most fantastic weekend. 



There were huge black and whites from the early years all over the hotel… Could you just die! So amazing!!!




Early morning stroll before yoga… All the sidewalks around there are made of marble. Sure beats our ugly. as. shit asphalt sidewalks in Lynn. (That was not negativity, that is the truth.)





View from our room… Mountains (close enough) I’ve missed you.


We ate here…

Dinner was AMAZING!! The Mr. chose wisely…

Wedding clothes still look great…



Dessert… Ironically made by NECCO (New England Confectionery Company (I don’t know what the O stands for)) which we drive by all the time at home….



View with breakfast…





A bit of Vermont fall…








LOVE THIS!! We passed it on the way…



Yeah, I have no idea either…








And back home again…

I looked outside and saw this lovely glowing in the morning sun.


Shortly after we got home, I was laying on the couch late at night and got this thought in my head, I hadn’t seen my big camera in awhile (I have two, the old one is my little and the new one is my big). I took only the little on our trip. So I looked in all the usual spots, then I looked in the not-so usual spots… Then I freaked out. I started sweating and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I did a few more laps around the house. Shit, shit, SHIT! Did I leave it at work? I could drive to Exeter in the middle of the night because if I don’t find it, I won’t sleep anyway. Did I leave it on top of my car and drive off?  My present self has absolutely no confidence in my past self. Why in the hell would I put in on the top of my car?? I have never in my life done that. And I wouldn’t leave it at work, I don’t just leave it places, I always have it so I don’t leave it (if that makes any sense at all). Did I leave it outside? Again, why would I do that? I headed outside anyway, in my robe and uggs. It was a lovely site let me tell you… I proceeded to search around my side yard in the dark for a black camera. Of course my neighbor picks that time to come home, maybe she won’t see me. Nope, she looked right at me. Oh well, another neighbor that thinks I’m a wacko.  I headed back in the house wondering how I’m going to come up with a very large chunk of change for another big camera. At this point I’m near a stroke. My husband is now awake because I am the opposite quiet, he could tell I was about to pop a vein. One more lap around the house… and over to a basket where I keep my reusable produce bags. I look inside while I’m remembering that’s where I hid the little bastard before I left on our trip. I hide things when I leave, I have external hard drives stashed all over the house. How on earth did I forget I did that…? Right when I found it I looked up at the clock,11:11.

Moral of the story… remember you’re neurotic.


Wynn in her sunny spot…



The Mr. came and had a spa day… And yes, you can have dogs in salons in New Hampshire:)


Fall is officially at my house…



Year 2 pumpkin from the MIT Pumpkin Patch…


And one for a gift… Because you can’t just settle on one.


Then off to The Sauce Party…


I just love her…


Of course I chose the Christmas charm…




Happy American Touch Tag Day Loves! Make it count;)


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