Caught Up…

I have been trying to get caught up since I got home from Montana. Right when I can see the light at the end of tunnel, something else happens and I’m back feeling frazzled, behind and unorganized.

I have a hard time functioning when any part of my life is not in check. I can’t start cooking or canning projects if my kitchen is not clean and organized. I now find myself not photographing any new images when I still have a bunch that need to be put up here… and when I don’t photograph for awhile, it affects me and causes problems all on its own…  Sigh.

I have decided to go back to work three days a week; I am working at a perfectly quaint little spa in New Hampshire. It’s nice to have an excuse to wear something other than gardening clothes and pajamas… Plus, I have down time there that will allow me to keep my little journal updated more often. I don’t want to be on my computer at home, it’s too easy to get sidetracked.

The Mr. and I have  started to plan out our meals two weeks in advance. When you give up “processed” food you cease to have anything on-hand that’s quick. We had a lot of nights when I realized it was dinner time and I hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer…. leading to more eating out than necessary… leading to no left-overs for lunch. We’re on week two and it’s working great.  We spend one whole day prepping and making soup (we eat a shit-ton of soup) and whatever else we can make in advance and freeze. J has been stepping in as household chef more than a couple times a week too, love that man…

I am hopeful that one day I will be better at just living life, rather than constantly figuring out a ways to make it run more efficiently…


My favorite task this gardening season is digging up potatoes. I’m like a little kid digging for buried treasure. I love the sight of dead potato plants…


Another good place to eat close to home…


This is what little care packages want to be when they grow up…

I hope you are loving your new treasures, Miss Jane.



My surprise peppers…

They were suppose to be pepperoncinis, they are not. The look like a small cherry pepper but taste like a cayenne. They are hot little bastards…


I think I love gardening because it reminds me of Christmas… or the other way around.




My first batch of canned tomatoes…

I have done another batch since then, I love these tomatoes for canning… I will grow them forever. The plants are HUGE! _MG_5026



My perfect pumpkin.

I smile every time I look at it. It’s not out on display yet since it’s not quite fall in my book, yet.

I have not burned any fall candles, or painted my toes a fall color… or watched Hocus Pocus.

Soon though… I just haven’t gotten that fall feeling.



It seems like forever ago since my in-law family was here to visit. It’s almost time for us to head down there to see them.

Always love spending time with them…

His sister was here too, I got very few pictures of her visit. Mostly they are all on a waterproof disposable camera we took kayaking. I don’t even know how to drive to cvs and drop film off anymore…


Summer squash and green onions from the ol’ plot. I love having meals where our home grown makes up all, or the majority of our meal.




We cut up our first watermelon… it was not quite ripe yet. I have since learned how to tell when they are ready to pick.

Our second one was much better…

The neighbor kids are waiting patiently for “their” watermelon to ripen. This week for sure… I have seven that will be ready very soon.  (I’m a watermelon gardening baddass).






The end of the cucumbers… you had a good run boys.




I’ve had this picture on my kitchen sink windowsill in every house I’ve lived for the last 15 years…

I rocked the poofy hair!

That was 20 years ago…



Happy end of summer, and almost fall Loves!!


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