Montana Centennial…

This is my 100 post…!

It’s beyond late, I’ve had a lot going on since we last met.

I’m trying to get on a more regular schedule in my life, I am finally winning the battle… more on my next post.

For now… Montana!


The theme this trip… Bloody Mary’s.


One of the main things I went home for was to help my parents renovate their bedroom.

I loved physically being able to help them on a project, rather than giving my opinion from 3000 miles away.



I was thrilled my mom wanted my art on her walls…



A little “Annie” time…


I hit flathead cherry season, I feel sure I ate ten pounds of cherries while I was home.



Fam time…



I got my great grandmothers pickle recipe. I have yet to use it since I couldn’t find where I packed it until after I was done pickling for the year.

Next year for sure

My mom’s recipe book…


My parent’s neighbor has the sweetest yellow lab ever… I love all over him while I’m home.


To all my gardening friends in Montana and Wyoming… GO HERE.

It is at the four way stop when you’re coming off the zoo exit toward king ave (in Billings).

It is the best gardening supply store I have ever been in. You will think so too.





I’ve missed you Mas Taco.


My friends are badasses.




Roadie to southern WY with my girls…

Those are not pop…


More Bloody’s…

And Dan.







House full of photographers…
















Of course…


I LOOOOVE me some lemon squares.


Insert Marlon Brando voice…


Mr. P,  I figured you couldn’t hate this lens flare…



Photo gals… and their master.



That’s my girl… pure class.




I wish you two all the best in the world… Love you both!









My favorite doodler…





My grandmothers kitchen aid…






My Wynn fix while I was away…






I forgot to wish my sister and her hubs happy…





And back home again…

Thanks for the splendid trip, Loves!


4 thoughts on “Montana Centennial…

  1. Your trip was amazing not only for you, but for us too….. Need to do this at least once a year. Was great seeing you……. “The Master”……

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