I love my family…


Yes, I know it’s been awhile…

(When I’m away from my computer for long periods of time, the margarita I spilled on my keyboard comes back to haunt me.)

I had every intention of writing a little post while I was in Montana/Wyo, I knew I wouldn’t.

The Loves take priority.

I took a few images, not many… those later.

This is how my July started…

My first garlic scapes, ever. The cooking of them did not go so well…

I’ll grow hardnecks from now on just for these pretties. They did better than the softnecks.

In the end I killed them both (with the potatoes help).

Next year I’ll know…  




It was beyond lovely to see you again, my friend…



Korean BBQ…


Korean S’mores…




My bachelor buttons are blooming, my first flower planted from seed.

I had them in my wedding bouquet.






This seems like such old news…

THIS is what I had to deal with for three hours while waiting for a tetanus shot (thanks to the naughty dog down the street) .

I loath the disney channel.

And I was hungry.

There are around four separate occasions within a month my husband should get a medal just for dealing with me.

He is a good man.


I almost forgot! The loudest puker in the world.

He screamed while he threw up… and moaned a lot.

His girlfriend had it worse.




Beets and arugula out of the garden…

Caramelized onions, my new favorite topping for everything.



That is a true picture of summer…

I have a drawer full of cucumbers in my fridge. I need more jars.

I might have enough dill growing that I don’t need to buy any ~big happy sigh…



My first potatoes…

How every potato wants to go… Fried in butter. With bacon.


First (probably only) raspberry of the season.

Next year…




My happy accident pumpkin.

It’s almost full orange now… It will be an only child (the plant is dying) but I still get this one  to enjoy through the fall.


Spaghetti squash plant didn’t do so well either.  I think I’ll end up with three, not bad for the first year.

It’s such a pretty green before it turns yellow.



Can you see it…?


Oh bean…


First batch of beans… into lamb stew (that kept my husband alive while I was gone).


First aid on my pumpkin plant, I found a vine burrower… bastards.

You will not be so lucky next year, I know you exist now.



I made seven veggie lasagnas  with our zucchini surplus. The other thing that fed the Mr. in my absence.



Okra has the most beautiful blooms. They are hard to catch…



See you soon Loves… two more to go.


5 thoughts on “Tidy…

  1. I could use some gardening tips from you
    Your garden is amazing! Beautiful, appetizing vegetables!
    I used my raw garlic scapes (from the Farm Co-op) in my goat cheese logs and in making pesto.
    Stop by when you are back in the neighborhood, hopefully I shall be home. You will see a few changes in the backyard.
    A bientot!

    1. I will try that next year… Now that my crazy summer is nearing an end, and I am feeling back in control, I will stop by for sure. I can’t wait to see what you’ve gotten done since I last visited your plot.
      See you soon!

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