Fun Thyme…



My garden… she is a growin.

The weather is stressing me out a bit.  Lots of rain, lots of hot, and rarely at the right time.

I guess that’s just how it goes. Next year will be different, that is a guarantee.

At least once a day I eat something from my garden, I think that is pretty cool.











We had a weekend guest, we always love Lola time…






Mango salsa, I am a fan.


This beet was twice as big as all the rest, reminded me of myself during the grade school years…


I have discovered about fifteen tomato seedlings growing in last years spot, and out of the cracks in the driveway… and across the driveway in a completely different bed. Ambitious little guys. I only have room for three, (the rest are in pretty little vases) I can’t bare to throw them into the compost just yet.





The two carrots that are growing from the first planting. I’m happy to say the second planting is doing much better.


Pretty girl…















Our first day of summer was delightful. Among other things, a Wynn friendly patio during happy hour(s).

We know how enjoy life.



She is a lover…




I miss my Jane’s. One named for the other.


Yoga with my man. It feels so good to get back, it’s ben far too long.


Waiting on the beach with my fam for the biggest full moon of the year. I feel blessed to have a husband who celebrates life’s little events with me.




Potato flowers….




Bush bean hanging with a summer squash.


1940’s squash blossom…



A random squash I found growing over by the compost pile, so I moved into an empty spot in one of the beds. I’m thinking it’s a spaghetti squash?? The leaves are HUGE now, it just wanted a chance.



This little guy flew around and posed for me for a good 20 minutes.


Because of the heat, I think I’ll only get enough peas for one meal, but it will be a marvelous one.

Better luck in the fall.


My very first rhubarb… I’m not suppose to pick any the first year but one leaf  was haggard  so I picked it… and of course cooked it, because how could I not.


Have a great weekend Loves!


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