A Warm House…

It’s done!! …enough.

Housewarming parties are good for two things: getting to see all your friends all at once without you and your husband having to flip a coin to see who drives home… and forcing yourself to finish those tasks that are keeping your house from turning into a home.

It was a long two weeks but I would finally consider it homey…

I think it’s the curtains. I have a really hard time with curtainless windows. It’s like a drag queen without false eyelashes, just looks incomplete…


This window is one of my favorite things about our house. I so love it even more now that my husband scraped the old paint off the glass.

And the ugly brown railing is now white!

I also cooked, canned and preserved . Gardens wait for no man…

My first hot sauce…

I’m just in love with all the color!

We’ve been planning the back yard area… I’m so freaking excited for my garden next year!!!!!! My first full garden season!

And so that next huge project begins… next month!

11 4×8 beds, seven 4×4 beds and a patio/pergola worthy of another party…

My husband eats more salsa than anyone. It’s what I make with the majority of our tomatoes. Next year I’ll grow all the ingredients. We’ll go through these three quart jars before the end of the month. They’ll keep my fridge looking pretty until then…

My little raspberry bush has been giving us a few treats here and there…

I’m in love with the yellow!!! They just brighten up my often too dark kitchen…

I was grating the skins off by hand which isn’t so bad with big red tomatoes but little yellow tomatoes suck!  I bought a food mill

I love ETSY day!! I usually go through my favorites list and order everything I want all at the same time, so it usually shows up on the same day… It’s like Christmas!

This is why I like buying from little “stores”.

I fell in love with this artist

Now her art is all over my house, I’m not the biggest fan of the frames (it’s what I already had) but that is for another day.

My new chalkboard wall…

So I pickled for the first time.

I pickled beans that come to find out, have inedible shells. Super! That’s how I roll. I did look on the internet first but found nothing so I went for it…

They are beautiful. And I learned about one more garden plant.

They don’t stay purple for long, once you start cooking them they turn green.  Wouldn’t that little tip lead you to believe you could eat them shells and all…? Ya, me too.

Roasted garlic is my new fav!

Sunday we went to the beach. I left a counter full of dirty dishes and headed out to celebrate completed goals, perfect weather, living so close to the ocean, fall being right around the corner… and these two.

These flowers remind me of my grandma…

A huge THANKS to all our friends who made our house warm… And the diehards that stayed for the fire.

Happy Tuesday Loves!


4 thoughts on “A Warm House…

  1. Good season out in P-town as well…..LOTS of yellows which will be the “guinea pigs” for my first attempt at sun-dried tomatoes; 10 hours in a 150 degree oven. Will let you know how it all goes…….. AMP

    “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Cicero

    1. Oh, I’m excited! It never occurred to me to do that with my yellows, I have soooo many! Do you cut them in half first or puncture them in any way? I have a dehydrator that I haven’t yet brought out this season… It may be time.

  2. Barb, your blog is so gorgeous, and I am thrilled to have my art included in your lovely home. I’m very jealous of all your beautifully colored walls! And that salsa looks perfect…mmm! Thank you :)

    1. Ahhh, thanks! Can you believe I painted the bathroom (blue) and kitchen (green) before I ordered your images…? It’s like my mind already knew I needed your images in my home. We haven’t painted the rest of the house because we’re waiting to get new windows. But the color I want for our bedroom is a really light smokey blue/grey, just like in the sleeping pictures. Great minds understand color theory:) Thanks again for everything!

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