Color Me Happy…

My first tomato of the season… big smile!

I’m pulling ten a day nowadays. I love my garden.

We ran up to Maine the other day to do a little clothes shopping and eat at one of our favorite restaurants…

We pulled into town and about died! There were 4857394574 people running around.  Last time we were there it was snowing and we pretty much had the town to ourselves… Lesson learned.

We very quickly changed our plans to just lunch… and Sangria!

I made my first batch of stuffed peppers, using MY peppers. I was so freaking impressed with myself!

Aren’t they perfect…!

I would give you the recipe but it seems to have disappeared… I will have my friend send it again.

They had black beans in them…

We have this in our backyard…

It’s full of ponds and hiking trails, it’s pretty fantastic!

I can’t wait until the temperature drops and we can start going on full day hikes.

It’s still hot and nothing looks any different but in the last week I can just start to feel summer winding down. Makes me want to go buy #2 pencils.

My two favs…

Why yes that is a PURPLE MUSHROOM!

I’m a huge fan of the fungi!

And a few steps later I found a bright red one but my photographic skills were drowned out by my excitement (the picture sucked).

AND THEN this beauty…

It was the most perfect shade of periwinkle…

I need the Deb’s (bestie’s mom) mushroom book.

I was convinced if I looked at them too long I’d start seeing unicorns…

I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Thanks a ton for the pressure cooker… I’m really excited to try it out.

One more room painted! I’m loving blue lately…

My first ripe habanero!

Those colors belong together.

A very happy birthday to my little Tyler Joseph (not so little anymore being he’s in college).

I look back on my 20 birthday not so fondly,  in the emergency room with a cracked skull and missing teeth. I was such an idiot.

Do you remember your 20 birthday?

Happy Sunday Loves!


2 thoughts on “Color Me Happy…

  1. I am not surprised that you have yellow pears thriving in your garden. Per the usual, our yellow pear plant is shriveled & long dead. You are a plant whisperer!

    1. That is going a bit far…:) All my tomato plants have blight your husband informed me, he is a wealth of knowledge. I still seem to have plenty of tomatoes, I’m just hoping there is enough umph left in the plants to ripen them all. I’m making salsa tomorrow with my pile of goodness…

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