Bighorn Canyon…

Like every other photographer out there, my workflow has changed significantly since I started back in the day… I used to save every image I shot, even the out of focus ones… I also had a jpeg file attached to every RAW file; I don’t even remember my reason for this.

So, I have started the very loooooooooooooong task of going through all my old images.

I see no reason not to share…

They make me smile.

These are from a couple trips through Bighorn Canyon in Wyoming (near my old college stomping grounds).

Ah Bill… The kindest asshole I have ever met (Only people who really know know him actually understand that statement).

I so miss my “special” friend.

























From J’s first trip out to see me…





One of my all time favorite clients and her husband…



No tattoo!


Oh yes, there will be more…



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