Focus on the Joy…

Living in this seemingly completely F-ed up world I find it a little too easy to slip into the negative. Meeting me around every corner: greed, laziness, lack of empathy… greed.

Passionate people are more susceptible to despair, I understand that far too well. But I also find we are equally susceptible to joy.

It is just what we choose to focus on.

So now when I’m riding in the car with my husband and something comes on NPR that gives me anxiety I simple turn it off and focus on the trees. And when I realize the trees are dying from some nasty disease, I focus on the family playing under the tree. And when one of those kids slaps his mom and starts screaming I focus on the fact that the little bastard is not mine…

Focus on the Joy!

And visit the ocean as often as you can…

Yes, that’s bacon in his drink… Brilliant!

As is date night…

We tried a new restaurant in Swampscott, “G”  I’m already ready to go back.

The chef cooks with the seasons and uses local ingredients so the menu is always changing,  the way it should.

I’m kinda a freak for mashed potatoes, but I’m picky (shocking I know). I like going to places where you don’t have to ask if the mashed potatoes are real… When they’re made with truffle oil, they are.

And I do enjoy long walks on the beach…

We’re trying to force Wynn to like water… She hates being in it but once she gets out she is so excited and beyond proud of herself.

Oh my gosh!!! My husband put my new composter together the other day!! It works like a dream…


Sylvie and I hung out on Friday… I LOVE BABIES! This is the first shoot in forever where I didn’t want to go home and throw my camera in the garbage. I slowed down, used my tripod and really payed attention to what I was trying to accomplish. Of course there were things I felt I should have done differently but that feeling will hopefully never go away; thats what makes us crave the opportunity to go out and do it again.

Happy Sunday/Funday Loves!


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