Turkey aftermath…

I  remember

I wrote that and then I ran downstairs to grab meat so I can make chili tomorrow. And make J and I another drink… (that recipe I will post in a few days because it is more than fantastic). I think everyone should own a magic bullet.

Anyway, I remember having fruit roll-ups once when I was a kid. My mom never bought stuff like that (and I love that she didn’t). But I had one over at a friends house. I loved them. Actually, I loved the sound that the funky plastic made when you pulled it away from the fruit rollup.

I now make my own and I know what goes in them.

Use really ripe fruit, it’s usually the juiciest… These pictures are a collaboration of my last three batches.

My favorite so far.. peach/apple and pear/plum. I like the skins of plums so I leave them on.

It’s super complicated… peel and puree. Cut fruit into small pieces, it makes things easier. I use a hand blender (my new favorite appliance).

If you absolutely need liquid because your fruit isn’t very ripe, use a little juice. Apple cider is perfect. Not too much or your end result will be crap.

Don’t forget to grease your trays! It takes very little, rub it around with your fingers…

P.S. (please santa) I would love extra trays for christmas, hint hint

Takes about six hours or so on 145. Its done when it stops being spongy. There is a learning curve but it’s so worth it.

Wynn and I went for a lovely long walk Thursday night (aka Thanksgiving). The sunset over the city was more than lovely…

What a fantastic idea! I want one… Save Wynn!

I hate trash day… people are gross. But my dog is cute.

We’re decorating for Christmas tomorrow.. I’m so excited!!

Until then…


One thought on “Turkey aftermath…

  1. Really fruit roll ups….my all time favorite food…seriously…if I never had to eat anything but them again in my life I’d be ok with that…Can we make some together the next time I come to visit???

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