I am Thankful for Mr.Clean Magic Erasers…

They really are magic…

Thanksgiving is part of my favorite holiday.

I love the week before Thanksgiving through about January 5.  This month and a half (or so) makes me feel so warm and sparkly. So many of my childhood memories are from this time. Construction paper headdresses, suran wrap corn a coupias, and my favorite meal… with jello salad.

I miss my family like crazy during Thanksgiving. This time of year in Montana is the best… I don’t know if we will ever all be together for the holidays again, that makes me sad.

J came to Swampscott with me the other day… and so we went to the beach, naturally.

And ate wings at our favorite wing place in Salem.

It’s now too cold to sit outside.

I want this in my house. The picture does not do it justice, it is a beautiful piece of art.

How lucky am I that my husband comes to my yoga classes when he’s able… and is better at it than I am.

Ya, I’m suppose to be in wheel and I’m taking pictures… I’m quick.

I did a “headshot” shoot down by the water the other day… I like living in a town where people need headshots.

My favorite view of the city and it’s a five minute walk from my house. She has me beat though, she has this view from her deck.

I’m trying to sprout mung beans, it’s not working… Either that or they are taking their sweet ass time.

day one

day 3

day 5… not that you can tell. I switched to a bigger container and got bored with the view.

All the shells float to the top, it looks cool

I’ll post more photos next week… we will see.

I absolutely LOVE grocery shopping. I have my whole life. I vividly remember the treks to the store with my mom. Poor woman, probably would have killed for an hour of peace to herself, and I begged to go along every time.

This little guy has decided to grow up my wall. I think it’s fantastic, J does not.

Eggnog season is here! Yay!

I get the smallest container I can find and still end up throwing most of it down the drain. I’m on my own, most dairy products grose my better half out. I like it mixed about seven parts milk and one part nog. (Otherwise it’s like drinking maple syrup.) Thus making it next to impossible to get through a carton before it goes bad.

We decided to watch all the James Bond movies in order from the beginning.

We meet some friends at a new little bar.  They are still working out a few kinks, but the food was good. And the company was fantastic.

I guess we are going back for their “cigar, scotch and ugly sweater party” in a few weeks. I could care less about the scotch and cigars (my husband feels otherwise) but I am in love with any opportunity to wear a overly tacky holiday sweater. We both win!

I am going to start doing my blog a bit different.

It won’t always be on Tuesday and I hope to do more than one a week. I also want to try to do my recipes as a separate post, I hope it will make them easier to find.

I guess you’ll have to check back more often… or subscribe:)

Happy Thanksgiving out there!

And a very special Happy T day to my family. I am sooo thankful for you… Even when you fight about gravy.


2 thoughts on “I am Thankful for Mr.Clean Magic Erasers…

  1. Three things….you and the bro are perfect together…the dairy thing runs in the fam.

    Craaazzzyyyy carrot!

    I bought two bags of the pa dutch noodles this week too!

    Happy thanksgiving!

    1. For Turkey soup?? They are perfect in soup… It took me two years to find a suitable medium to small egg noodle out here. My mom was sending them to me for the longest time.
      I miss you tons! I miss having Thanksgiving with you…
      I’m excited to see you in February!

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