Blast from the Past…

I haven’t cheated once in 35 weeks.

This week I’m cheating… I just had so much going on this past week, (and lack of things catching my eye) I only took a handful of pictures.

How many pictures in a handful…? That particular unit of measure doesn’t really work in this case. You can have a stack of 500 pictures that’ll still fit in your hand… How many digital files in a handful?

Some images from this last week and some from much before that… 

A couple of you have seen a few of these before, and some I know have but your minds are slipping so you get to see them for the first time… again.

Squash soup:

I used this recipe. A. B. is my go to on recipes… I love him.

I used one acorn squash and one butternut squash. And I added red peppers to make it spicy…

We went to the water twice this week, I feel recharged. Even though we will die if anything crazy happens with the oceans; I love love love living near the water.

The first fall I lived in VA was pretty amazing…

Old college assignments I ran across today. I remember every detail about all these shots.


I miss school so much. What an absolutely fantastic time…

Happy Tuesday Loves!


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