Fat and Happy, Lizards on Leashes…

I’m not feeling too chatty today.

No, I’m not sad. I just don’t feel like writing…

Plus my photoshop is being such an asshole thus totally messing up my work flow.

J went in for stage two of his outline. It is looking so great!

Apple picking, how very fall…

What to do with twenty pounds of apples…?

Not much on looks but they taste fantastic! And organic, my favorite.

Apple fruit leather…

Oh, and I made kale chips. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t cook kale at higher than 118 degrees or it looses most of it’s nutrients. So rather than baking them in the oven, I dehydrated them. They don’t get crunchy but they do get dry and still taste great.

First I remove the stems (and juice them, not that it has anything to do with this) then cut the leaves into smaller pieces and put them in a very large bowl. Pour about two to three tblsp olive oil  over the top and keep mixing with your hands until coated. Then add whatever seasoning you like. I used season salt and red pepper.

Put on dehydrator racks and set to 115. Takes about 6 or so hours.

Doesn’t look too different after it’s dried…

The neighbors have lizards, Tatsu and Georgia, that they keep on leashes when they’re in the front of the house sunning themselves on the sidewalk. Makes me laugh…

Wynn got a new harness. It’s suprisingly difficult finding a harness for a girl dog. Most of them are way too girlie, so not Wynn. And the rest of them are just ugly, or designed by an idiot. Etsy saves the day again. I love this shop.

I like our choice… 

“Fat and Happy” a yearly event put on by two marvelous people for the sole purpose of bringing friends together to eat fantastic food made with ingredients from their garden… Brilliant!

One of our fantastic hosts!

Happy almost Wednesday Loves!


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