Mother Nature…

It’s a glorious feeling when you find yourself turning into your mother, and realize it’s not such a bad thing….

I had to dig and dig to find one picture of me with my mom. I found one with my godmother as well.

Every flower I see reminds me of her.

I can hear her voice “oh, I love grape hyacinths!” Or the heavenly look on her face when she buries her nose in lilacs.

Every chance I get I “stop and smell the roses”  just like my mom.

These little lovelies I got at Costco.

I always have enough to put in about four different spots. I love fresh flowers in my house.

Ah, lilacs… With one stiff I’m catapulted back to late spring days at my grandma’s house. My sister and I pushing each other up and down the lilac lined sidewalks in an old rusty wheelbarrow.

Rhubarb anything is my favorite!

Another thing that reminds me of my grandma. She made the best rhubarb crisp!

I’m always dissapointed when people insist on putting strawberries with it. Strawberries and rhubarb are wonderful all on their own without each other.

So what do I do, I put strawberries in my crisp (I blame J). I thought I could use a bit less sugar if I added them.

Anyway…. Ya, I still don’t like strawberries with my rhubarb. Bring on the sugar, it’s worth it!

So I found a random pair of shoes in the middle of the sidewalk the other day. They didn’t look accidentally dropped or thrown out, it was as if someone just walked out of them. Probably some drunk girl who was having a hard enough time walking without the added instability. I found them a welcome break from flowers.

Our cinco de mayo fare… I’m happy to announce you can freeze guacamole! Came out of the freezer prefect.

I also found a package of chili in there that I mixed with a little pepper jack.

The chips are cut up tortillas that I bake in the oven. Way better (and healthier) than the crumbly bag of mess you get in the store.

Oh yes, and the margaritas… I hate the already made green ooze that resembles the water in Chernobyl in 1986.

I am still not to the point of writing the recipe down here, it ends up wonderful but I have no idea how I get there.

Next week I will deliver… I promise to write it down step by step.

I took my new bag out for a spin. My first handmade sewing project since junior high home ec.

Looks good from this angle. If you get close, it looks like a kindergardener made it. It works great though…

It’s big enough for the few things I want to carry with me, plus two extra lenses. My camera slings over and fits right inside still around my neck.  It’s so comfy and doesn’t break my back unlike that 200 dollar thing sitting in my office collecting dust. I will tweak my next one a bit.

All and all, just what I wanted… in avocado green corduroy.

Salem, where disco balls hang from trees. It’s just the greatest town.

My bean

Happy Tuesday!


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