Patron Saint of Little Crappy Houses…

Happy semi-normal summer!

The Mr. and I have started looking at houses. We knew right away we wanted to stay, plus dogs make finding a good rental almost impossible.

By nature I like simple and calm. I get overwhelmed easy, my brain tries to take it ALL in. Living downtown in a city is a challenge. I love it, however it keeps me a bit stimulated.

I get enough peopling in during my work day. I want peace when I come home. And growing things… Summer makes me wish for my future garden. Looking at houses made it worse. We are all so very ready for outdoor space again.

I want to be moving out by spring, at the latest.
Just putting it out there…

I got a new lens! It’s inspiring.

Wynn found her spot…

We had a sleep over at friends. It was so very fun.

And isn’t that the most beautiful blueberry french toast casserole you have ever seen.
I want a kitchen with pretty light…

We went out for our first meal, inside – post vaccine…

9 times out of 10, if there’s a burger on the menu, I will order it.

I just like them.

And french fries.

First East Coast oyster since moving back. NE oysters really are the best.

We both fell in love with this little crappy house. We started looking at houses like 25 minutes before this open house, but we still wanted it and were deeply disappointed we didn’t get it… in a housing boom with none of our pre-qualifier paperwork done yet.

Something just right will be there when we’re truly ready. We know that.

We still hope something falls through with this house and we get it. It is a four minute walk from J’s work. So perfect!

Marty, the guy we were talking to, was born in the house that is now Jade Integrated Health (J’s clinic).

Life is fun!

We met Mike and Kristi (J’s cousin) outside Portsmouth for lunch. More of our favorite people, we are surrounded…

We met at this place. I found a garden out back, that’s always a plus in my book.

The Mr. has been waiting to eat at this place since we moved here.

This is okonomiyaki, you can’t find it many places. It’s lovely.

Andee and Rudy came up for the night… We are loving getting to see friends again.

And just like that, we’re all caught up…

National Ice Cream Day is this coming Sunday. It’s like they knew it was a 1000 degrees everywhere.

What is your favorite flavor??
Mine is either cinnamon stick or blueberry cheesecake. J’s is anything coffee related, or maple nut.

I miss and love you all! Maine is still awesome, come visit!


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