“Are You Going To Heaven or Hell?” “I Don’t Know, I Thought I Was Going To Montana…”

Life is just so big right now… It’s a pretty significant transition year, and we are at the apex. I will try to form emotions into words next post when my brain settles down.

I will talk about the time just before we moved instead.

And this Rose Garden:
My girlfriend has this magical place growing by her house….
We made it a day.

I’m a very “stop and smell the roses” (literally) type of gal. I get it from my mom.

Ketchup and Mustard rose… It’s actually a thing.

Fitting end to a perfect day…

This post is very Max heavy…

I’m just so in love with him, and he still hasn’t gotten to the point where he hates having my camera in his face. And he changes every day.

He signed the window with his nose – xxxooo
He is a lover…

Day one of the doctoral program… (In five short months he will be a Dr.) That look is him thinking he got out of pictures because he graduated. Keep getting degrees, and you’ll keep getting your picture taken.

My good friend found a german shepherd on her way home from work… at night, on a backroad, in a rainstorm. (If you knew her, this would come as no surprise.) When it comes to dogs, you will find few people who love them more than her. Heart of gold, this one…
She is one of my pups’ favorite people.

One thing I will miss about the last 11 years of living in, or near a major city is the frequency of friends coming to town for business.

He discovered the joy of sticking your head out the window…

Day with Peter…

Weekend bachelorette party…

My dog-loving friend, met a dog-loving man.

This lady… chance encounters with groovy people on elevators.
I love laughing.

I have loving, thoughtful friends… A welcome break from packing.

The Mr’s curriculum map, he got great satisfaction crossing classes off at the end of every term.

And now it’s done.

Pre-graduation breakfast…

His classmates voted to have him make the speech.
Note the swear jar and a stack of ones…

I am a proud lady…

Summa Cum Laude, bitches!

Last minute trip to one of our favorite spots…

Max was here…

Bowling with the salon…

Birthday girls…

Happy Independence, Loves!








One thought on ““Are You Going To Heaven or Hell?” “I Don’t Know, I Thought I Was Going To Montana…”

  1. Love this post! SO SO very proud of your Mr. Sad I missed the celebration! Hope the move goes as seamlessly as possible! Miss you and you love you tons!

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