Peace, Sister…

Happy almost June. I like June. I like the name.
Lots of people I love were born this month.
It is spring…

Our “go to” happy hour spot. 

14 14.

This is all that was left from my birthday bouquet from my sister. It lasted quite a while, I just kept taking the sad stuff out…

Two of the most annoying words in the English language.

MY rhubarb…

My mom is  a great everything.

The tail end, of the end of term party for the Mr.
One more down…

This lady is good people. She is a co-worker of mine who is also going to acupuncture school. She is one of the hardest workers I know.  Whenever I complain about being worn out or tired, I think of her. She works full time, goes to school full time, and has a son and a household to take care of…

Roses from my friend’s garden… I actually get to see this friend today, if you’re  reading this, see you soon…!

I planted the amaryllis my sister gave me like two christmas’ ago, it sends up pretty leaves, but never a blossom, until this year!

Casey Jane: These are the leaves we need to use to make that one fountain… They were HUGE.

Camping trip up north…
Botanical gardens on the way.

Skyler (J’s classmate) offered us a little piece of his parents land to camp on over part of J’s school break. Camping is by far one of my favorite soul refreshing things to do. Its hard to camp around here without running into people… people however, are not my favorite.

Bad ass garden onion…

First day: term nine. Two more!!
(Or three, if you count this one.)

I shall chat with you again soon. I have two more posts waiting to be done…

Happy Tuesday, Loves…


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