Hello, Loves…

I’m breaking up the next few posts. This one goes through the eclipse. Then on to Montana… Which I’m still missing.

My good friend/client, Ruth and I went to a Dorothea Lang exhibit last month, in Oakland. My heart sings when I see old photographs, it very rarely happens with anything that’s been taken in the last 20 years.


Amen, Sister…

A couple of us went out to celebrate my 20 year anniversary of slinging hair.

That’s me on August 13, 1997. Really tan, and really coiffed.

We went out really early for a hike, and all the moisture from the fog layer hadn’t burned off.. You’d think it was rain, that simply doesn’t happen here between the months of May and October…  

Finally!!! Off to Montana.

Quick stop in Utah for the night. 

Fuck campgrounds. 

Actually, it’s the people in campgrounds. I’ve never wanted to punch a 9 year old so bad in my life! How did I know she was nine? It was in her song that she made up and was singing at 10:30 at night. We avoid campgrounds for this very reason. We go to “get away from it all”, that is infinately harder with others around. However, the eclipse was a game changer. 

Good morning eclipse sun…

We got on the road early anticipating traffic, for the first time ever in Idaho.

Rexburg, Idaho is were we decided to stop for the show. And despite its aversion to coffee, it was a lovely little town. 


J made a “pinhole camera” out of a pringles container. We figured since we were going to be in the totality,  glasses weren’t needed.  We just didn’t look up until it was covered. There was plenty happening on the ground.

And just like that, we joined those who’ve seen a total solar eclipse. I feel beyond fortunate we were able to effortlessly breeze into a front row seat to this magical event.

There are times when the battle between photographer and human being turns epic. I wanted to just take a deep breath and let it all flow over me – one hundred percent present… That almost happened, after all I am a photographer, it’s part of me too. 

September is self improvement month… I’ll just leave it at that. 

I miss and love you,

See you in a bit…



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