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We’ve lived in northern California for over a year now. We rarely go further than a couple miles from our house. We went slightly further north, for a change.

Napa to start…




We are picnic people…



I’ll take my little bits of fall where I can get them…


Calistoga was another stop…







Hops have THE. MOST. AMAZING. SMELL… If you get a chance to break one open and breath it in, do it!


Grape vines everywhere!









We spent a “happy hour-ish” with pizza and beer, in Healdsburg.





My garden is very hit and miss.

Spaghetti squash happened to be a hit.






She will always find the most “royal” perch in the room.



First day, second year. I think he’s starting to feel settled.


Watermelon was a hit… I think I got three.


Cami and I work together, but not on Saturdays. She sometimes drops Mops off before work, then comes back after and spends the evening with us… Handy.

She is dainty.


Patty pan squash, very hit.




I worked the Garden Club booth for a couple hours during the Solano Stroll… (Annual street fair really close to my house.)





Right before I left for Montana, I broke my favorite lens. Or, I guess I only kind of broke it. It still works, but it’s stuck on 14 mm, and it only focuses really, really close up, it usually hits what I’m trying to focus on. I have a macro- wide angle… I see it as a happy accident, it is now one of a kind.

The crappy part is, I’m out a wide angle lens. If I get it fixed, it won’t work this way anymore…














I never knew they were books…


Color class in the city with Joel and Robby. Joel (darker hair) is the dad of Rocket (miniature pinscher) who we watch on occasion…


Can you guess which one is mine…?






Happy World Mental Health Day!  Considering who most of you are, you have cause to celebrate… I love every last “mental” one of you…


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