Three blogs in less than two weeks, madness!

I wanted you to see what my garden looks like now, not a month ago…



Date night out, courtesy of my photo lab. Thanks WHCC!






Two raspberries (from our bush), for our two magnificent hosts.

I get about two a day… That’s good in my book.




This is the most beautiful pepper I have ever seen, and my first purple. I hated to eat it.



Ground cherries.







Red and yellow beets.


Pattypan squash.






Spaghetti Squash.








Raspberry bush.



And the flower waiting room.




Magic beans.


We have been slowly trying to make the yard a little more uhhhh, pretty… It has looked like a work in progress for two years. Here’s a before (it looks like shit so I hope it’s before) I’ll post an “after” very soon…


A little garden gnome came over to help remove grass.









Mint… And the second red tomato from my garden!


Happy horseradish month, Loves!


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