It is hard when your hobby and profession are the same. I feel like I haven’t left my office in weeks.

I could photograph forever but the sitting on the computer part blows…

I’m trying my hardest to keep the professional work from overshadowing the personal work, but I feel my poor blog gets shoved aside all too often.

I will find a more efficient way to do both… I’m almost there.

I want a wood burning stove…

My first bed…!

We finally had a meal at the Hilltop Steak House. It’s like stepping into Montana, the “Bonanza” part of it.

J’s dad had his bachelor part here forty years ago… I bet it hasn’t changed.

My final peppers…

I put them all in soup… With onions, sausage, hamburger, zucchini, tomatoes, veggie broth and topped off with cilantro.

It turned out pretty fantastic!

We’ve been finding all sorts of treasures as we start digging our garden… I’m kinda excited to see what we come up with at the end of our backyard overhaul.

I PLANTED MY GARLIC!!! And then we got hit with a hurricane; I hope they don’t rot. Fingers crossed.

One of the varieties I ordered I couldn’t get so I ended up planting mainly softneck, elephant, and a few hardneck cloves I got from a farmers market. We’ll see!

Wynn and I were back in our old stomping grounds the other day visiting Michelle and Lola.

The view is still great!

This picture makes me smile, even though neither one of them is.

Happy 40 to one of my dear friends, I’m glad we could celebrate with you…

All my fall decorations this year are things I found outside; that makes love them even more.

I’m kinda proud.

I moved my disco ball just a touch and pow! Afternoon sun plus a thousand tiny mirrors, magic…

I drive by this unbelievable tree every time I go visit Andee and Rudy. I have been wanting to stop but it never seems to work out. Last week I was finally able.

I met Jean, a great gal who loves her red maples and was more than happy to share them with me…

She says they stay that color year round; I have a feeling I will be seeing her again.

And Bear…

This a Japanese red laceleaf maple.

Happy November Loves!!!

My favorite month!

I’m hoping to do a little blog before we leave for Montana, so I will see you soon…


4 thoughts on “…rebmevoN

  1. Awesome as usual! Winn needs a stogey, atleast as a prop. November totally rocks, and that soup you made has me drooling for Mrs. Dejo’s foods!! The Hilltop Strakhouse is on the list, as well. Have fun in Montana!

  2. Awesome as usual Mrs. Dejo! That soup looks fantastiche! I have to have it sometime. And the Hilltop Steakhouse is definitely in the list! Have fun in Montana! Wish we were there.

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