Perfect Perfection…

I heart garage sales… you never know what you’ll see.

I have been slowly switching to glass in everything I can. My favorite part, it fits in the cup holder in the car (unlike every other water bottle out there). And you can drop it on the tile and it doesn’t shatter. And you can actually take a drink while the car is moving without all the water ending up down your shirt. I have the 16oz, I’m not sure if the 22oz also fits in a cup holder…

I LOVE this lady!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the pepper and tomato plants and raspberry bushes and blueberry bush and oregano…and most of all for coming out and spending the day in my garden with me… You are the best!

My new (to me) vintage gardening gloves… love! Thank you Style Pyle for having the only vintage gardening gloves in the world.

My husband told me that he read once that there was a natural way to take tarnish off silver, so I googled it. He was right! All you need is a pot, boiling water and baking soda. Reason number 2361 why I love that man…

It worked so fantastic!


After… I had some pieces that were literally black with tarnish and now they’re all bright and shiny.

Now you’ll think twice about passing up that fantastic piece at a flea market because you don’t want to clean it…

I wish this patch was in my yard, I found it on our walk the other day…

I finally got a chance to move all my plants from the apartment to our house. They needed a special trip… there is kinda a lot.

I think I have everything already growing in my yard figured out (thanks to my mother)… These peonies are getting moved in the fall, they happen to be taking up 1/3 of the space in one of the only beds that gets full sun. You’re pretty, but I can’t eat you. I like flowers but only where veggies won’t grow.

I have about 7 mums that I’m slowly digging up and moving into pots. I know I’ve said it before, but I do love mums. I can’t wait to see what color they all are.

We have officially moved out of our apartment…

I find renting to be like dating. You like it in the beginning, could care less about it in the end. But you learn place after place what you do and don’t want in the house you eventually take that leap with.

My house, like my husband… practically perfect. And well worth waiting for…

This ol guy finally got a new pot with wonderful, healthy new soil. He so deserved it. Robert Plant has been in my life since I was 12, longer than most everyone in my life now. How he is still alive, I don’t know. I barely made it out of my teens and twenties alive let alone keeping a plant alive. He returned the favor ten fold. I would have gone to bed one night and never woke up from the carbon monoxide leaking out of my furnace. Between him, (who never looses leaves) loosing almost all his leaves and the sudden headaches, I decided to call the gas company… If it was just the headaches, I would have never called.

I love you Robert Plant! I’m sorry it took me so long to replant you…

Lola came for a weekend sleepover… she is so sweet, even when she’s trying to kill the guy dropping off phone books.

This is our dog door… Not by definition, but it was made to have dogs lay in front of it.

yummmm, muscles…

Happy whatever day it is Loves!!!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Perfection…

  1. Aw bunny – I had such a good time playing in your yard. And I love your rancho! The plants post watering (or in the rain?) pics are so lovely!

    1. I think I figured out where the bushes are going to go. I want to build a raised bed for them first. I’m going to turn my husband into a carpenter one of these days and get all my beds built. The more he builds the less grass he has to mow… With a weed wacker.

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