Bring May Flowers…

I got nothing…

I have been working on my house and not much else. Certainly nothing picture worthy. Plus I keep forgetting my camera at my new house.

We decided to refinish the floors upstairs. I’m so happy we did! Only one more week and we’ll be sleeping there!!! Can you tell I’m excited??

I’m so in love with my house…

The finish line… I’m not shitting you, I sanded for daaaaayyyyyys. I couldn’t move, I felt like I was 700 years old.

But It looks amazing! Tune in next time for pictures of the new floor.

Cleaning out a fridge properly is a skill shared by very few in this world… It took me an hour and a half to make her shine.

We have oil heat (yuk, I know) There is a black film on EVERYTHING in the house. And now there is a layer of sawdust on top of that… However, I find it easier to clean when you can see the crap.

Common sight around the apartment… Piles.

This automatically pissed me off, of course. So I figured I’d take a picture of this newspaper with my camera and also my iPhone, to just see.

Ya, so first off I cant seem to keep my flash from going off even when it switched off. I don’t have a picture of the paper with the flash off, they were all blurry because it’s impossible to hand hold this damn thing in anything other than bright sunlight; and then you can’t see what you’re photographing because of sun glare off your screen.

The iPhone camera is ok in emergencies (forgetting your real camera) but it pretty much sucks in 95% of all situations. So there WSJ…

It was pouring rain on my earth day… No garden work:(

I love whole foods… They at least try.

Mmmm, Sangria.

Looks like a twin lens reflex…

Happy May Day Loves!!!! I wish I could leave may baskets on everyone’s door step…


2 thoughts on “Bring May Flowers…

  1. Can’t wait to see all those flowers you are planting. I feel your pain. Moved three ton of rock from the front drive way to the back yard last week. That was after I moved the leftover wood. Pile from one section to the other. 700 years was about right. Will miss you this weekend, but knew you were very busy. Have fun moving in…and take lots of pictures. So hello to that son of mine. Love to both. MB

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