Home Sweet Home…


Yep, it’s ours.

I wouldn’t allow myself to get really excited until we signed the papers. Now they’re signed and I’m over the moon!

Let the gardening begin!

Sign Mr. D,  sign like the wind!

Who stores paint in a root cellar, so silly. I will bring you back to your former glory!

A couple more from the first day of spring…

We went for several fantastic walks during our 80 degree heat wave…

My usual; philly roll with regular salmon instead of smoked. Better when eaten outside… (Like most food.)

I stopped in this kitchen/spice store in Salem and met David Bowie (not that one). He has a corner of used cook books, take what you like and drop off what you don’t. Brilliant!

I don’t think we have used actual spaghetti in years. Spaghetti squash is sooo much better! And easy…

Poke a few holes in it and put it in the microwave for 3 minute increments until cooked (turn 1/4 turn every time you check or it will cook more on the bottom). Takes around 10 minutes depending on size. You should be able to dent it on all sides when it’s cooked through. Cut open lengthwise, (you will have to use a towel to hold it because it is blistering hot right out of the microwave) scoop out the seeds and scrape with a fork until all is removed. One four/five lb squash usually feeds two people.

Last rent check! Hopefully forever…

We had a table full of friends over to celebrate…

All those wine bottles are going to be used in an amazing back yard project I came across. More on that in a couple months…

I’m off to the Cape this afternoon with these three lovely ladies. I have never been, I’m kinda excited!

Happy Monday Loves!!! I hope for you that it isn’t a Monday





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