Just One of Those Winters…

Ya know, I’m one of those people who believe you get out of life what you put into it. I try to stay positive and upbeat no matter what. But believing isn’t always enough.

Depression has always been a part of my life and I fear, always will. It just runs in the family. I come by it naturally.
I am thankful that it does seem to settle in the darker months rather than year round. Every year I think this year will be different because of this reason or that reason but then January hits and the black cloud is back.
I find myself staring at the shower rod wondering if it would hold my weight. Thank god for break away shower curtain rods.
Yes I know I have a fantastic life and there are so many people who have a real reason to be depressed.
There are times I just can’t be happy. I actually just feel nothing.
But life isn’t all sunshine and unicorns. The sun stays away for days and unicorns are assholes that shit right where they know you’ll step in it.
What gets me through these not so spectacular times… my truly amazing family and friends.
For example… I got a call today from one of my best friends, she is flying cross country to Boston to spend my birthday with me.
She has had it planned for months. And everyone but me seemed to know about it.
My cup runneth over…
So just like that, I’m catapulted out of my dark place.  Screw you black cloud!

I’m so excited!!!!!

Wynn’s hair dresser is the best! She lets all the dogs just run around until it’s their turn. No cages = happy Wynn.
These pens make me miss my mom.
I wonder who thought thread would be a great tool to pull out eyebrows.
This is my hairdresser in front of a wall showing you how to tie a tie. She thought it would look good on her cape… she was right.
The tree is down…
I can’t wait until next Christmas!
We will be in a new house!
Yay! Alanna just called!!! I’ll finish this up later…
I’m back! Two days later…
I wish this was the case when I was a bartender…
Happy Sunday Loves!
And Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite woman in the world!! More on that in a minute…

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