Tis that day…


I know I say this a lot but, I sooo love this time of year.

There is something to be said for new years resolutions. I like the idea of a fresh start. J and I are both very goal oriented people. We don’t always set our goals for the year at the beginning of the new year, and they aren’t always yearly goals. But still I love the organization of a goal. It’s so clean.

Vague outline of my goals for the year:

  • alternative process hanging
  • opening a studio (or coming damn close)
  • eating only foods nature intended
  • being as green as humanly possible in every aspect of my life.

The last two will never change but I like to put them up anyway.

We have a lot going on this year, and it all starts now. We’ve been saying for four months, after we get back from New Jersey we’ll really start looking for a house… I have no doubt everything will naturally fall into place once we find our corner of the world.  We are driving out to the area we have taken a shine to on Monday, I’m beyond excited.

I have been waiting so long (forever) to get to that wonderful under-rated place in life where I get to truly settle in.

In less than six months we will own our own home.We will finally have a space to do with as we please.

I want a big ol garden with enough storage to store all it produces through the season. And, a kitchen big enough to hold my massive old pyrex collection and appliance addiction. And… a huge bathtub.

I’m a simple girl…

It seems like I took these images forever ago. In my rush to get to that calm place, a few things like this little collection of thoughts, didn’t get much love. Everyone has that one thing that gets the least amount of attention in times of disarray. This seems to be my new “take one for the team…” I hope that will not always be the case.

Randomness from the last two weeks…

This was my favorite christmas gift this year, I love home made gifts.

Wynn and I went back down to the pier, this time with a charged camera battery…

I love my upstairs neighbor, and I love going to dinner at a friends without having to put shoes on.

We had a great time in Jersey, we didn’t end up doing what we planned on new years eve, we still had a blast.

I do love fireworks, but standing in the cold for two and a half hours (after driving to Philly) waiting for them to go off sounds like to opposite of fun. So we decided to stay in.

We ate crab legs, drank in the living room and watched ridiculous tv shows and laughed till our cheeks hurt. It was the perfect way to bring in the new year.

And Julie because I love you, I will omit certain photos from evening…

We also came home with J’s ornaments from when he was a kid. And a one eyed santa clause that we need to make a pirate patch for…

How wonderfully 50’s…

She just loves everyone…


We used to go to movies three times a month and now (because of the general suckieness of the movies of late) we haven’t been in six months.

We did go to Sherlock Holmes while we were in Jersey. I was great, just like the first one.

Happy 2012 Loves! I hope it’s everything you dream it to be… and all you mayans can bugger off, I have plans for the next 50 years.




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