Was Santa Claus Just Driving That Mini Van…?


Happy Birthday one day late to my sweet sister Anne.

I miss you more and more every day…

There are very few things I love more in this world than old photographs of my family…

My sister putting a tissue around baby Jesus to keep him warm.

I remember looking at the toy section of the sears catalog for hours…

I have been missing my house in Middleburg lately, I’m not sure why. I think I just miss that small town feel.

We were not at the right point in our lives to truley appriciate that little town.

The livingroom was made to be decorated for Christmas.

These pictures make me want snow.

It only snowed once so far and that was like two months ago. I’m ready.

I decided to make all of my Christmas gifts this year (except a few for my husband)… I used supplies I had already and a few little things I picked up at the thrift store. I wanted to keep them small so they would fit in an envelope. I don’t see the point in being thrifty if you turn around and pay 25 dollars for shipping.

Any excuse to go to the thrift store makes me happy.

I found lots of furniture I would love love love to have for photo shoots. Someday soon I will have space for that sort of stuff…

I wanted this set! Such a perfect color.

I heart mod podge… 

We had a last minute date the other night….

It’s nice to get away from all the distractions in the house. I find it hard to truly relax when the dishwasher needs cleaned out, and the laundry needs switched over, and emails need sent… bla bla bla. You get the point.

The tree at Faneuil Hall is fantastic!

Oh my gosh! These are the find of my holiday season! I about died when I saw them.  1.99 each.

I love you Salvation Army…!

She played and played with this furry friend. Most dogs she could care less about after 20 seconds.

I had to drag her away…

There is a fantastic little walk down around the pier by my house. Lots of old beautifully run down brick buildings and random pieces of art everywhere.

My battery died after I took this shot… sad.

It wants to snow, I know it does…

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy this week… And put a few extra dollars in the red bucket.




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