Lucky Christmas Ornaments…

So I lied, actually I didn’t lie, I fully intended on getting my blog done yesterday…

I was more important to talk to one of my besties that I haven’t talked to in far too long.

I miss all my girls…

My first evergreen candle of the season, thanks to my sister…. We have a fake tree, I can’t see cutting down such a beautiful thing for a month of enjoyment. Maybe when we have our own space to replant a living tree… I do miss the smell though.

We went walking the other day with our new friends/upstairs neighbors, Michelle and Lola.

The light was beautiful…

Our friends bought a house… We are jealous. We still helped them though.

J’s muscles do come in handy… like to move the 1000 lb “divorce tv” down four flights of stairs.

Ahhh don’t you love those last few boxes of randomness… printer paper, hand soap, 17 pens,  that pretty thingie that was hanging off the light, one shoe, an assortment of plastic and wire hangers, a night light, the salt and pepper shaker, and a cast iron skillet… (I really didn’t sit and take pictures (maybe a few) while she worked, I know what that last load is like…)

The view from the third floor is great, but moving is a bitch!

Token pizza box…

Why carry garbage down the stairs when it’s so much more satisfying to throw it off the deck.

We’ll miss you in eastie… for six months…. then we get to again experience the joy of moving (more on that later).

I always flip over a tail side up penny and leave it where I found it.

I figure I have great luck, what do I need it for?

Other people are not as lucky…

We decorated the tree!!! J’s first day off after Thanksgiving seems to be our tradition…

Some of my favs…

I run a house for wayward Christmas ornaments. I don’t care if it’s July, if I find old ornaments at a thrift store or flea market they  come home with me. I will love them…

The next three are ones my mom gave me from our collection growing up. They are among my most prized possesions.

I heart them… If there was a fire, I’d be grabbing my box of  ornaments. 

Oh my gosh I love J’s grandma… She made me a whole collection of different snowflakes. They are so beautiful and delicate I can’t help but smile every time I look at them.

Happy Saturday loves!



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