One down, fifty-sum to go…

On a perfect Montana fall day a year ago, I married my Mr. Right…

The very best part was having all of our friends and family around to celebrate with us… When else in life does everyone come to you? Besides your funeral, and you don’t get to really enjoy that.

I want to do it again… It was too much fun!

We started off the morning with year old pumpkin coffee cake. Alanna’s right, it is a fun tradition. It didn’t taste that bad either.

I’m glad its out of my freezer. Fresh coffee cake from now on!

We headed to Maine.  Good food, good company, and sauntering…

We stopped at Roberts Maine Grill in Kittery on the way up. Last time we ate there was during a snow storm, it was fabulous then also.

The atmosphere is bright and airy, tons of windows. The staff is friendly. And they buy local whenever they can… I like that.

I love this color mum, it’s the color my grandma grew… 

We stayed at a B&B in Freeport. A town that is known for outlet shopping and a 24hr LL Bean… bizarre.

The weather was beautiful, a little on the hot side during the day but because of that we were able to sit outside for dinner and not freeze.

We dined at a restaurant that was about 300 yards from our door, dressed in our wedding clothes. I love love love that we can do that.

We sat forever; it was so peaceful.  We tried a little of everything on the menu.

Then, cracked a bottle of champagne and sat out on the lawn and listened to the leaves fall.

I want a yard full of fruit trees, or neighbors who will give me theirs.

We stopped in Portland on our way home. Way cool town!

I wanted to say longer but it was like 90 and we were kinda hungover. We’ll go back.


Back to real life…

Actually, our real life is pretty fantastic also. I am so very thankful.

I had yoga in a room I’d never been in before, of course I perched next to the window.

I made soup!!

I am a soup lover! To me, making soup is up there with lighting pumkin-ie/cinnamon candles and decorating for fall. There is a specific time, and it can’t be rushed.

I will eat soup in a restaurant all year long, but I only make it during certain months.

I’ll post a recipe soon…

I am drying basil at the moment, and another batch of peppers.

My garden is nearing the end…  

My tomatoes are done, not that they ever were. I have about 25 peppers total still left on the plants. Basil is looking sad and chewed on. My second planting of peas will be ready in about a week, yum!

So excited for next year! I’m ready for a break though.

Happy Tuesday Loves! Go fourth and kick leaves…


6 thoughts on “One down, fifty-sum to go…

  1. By far my favorite post! Glad you had a wonderful anniversary! And how cool is it that you can actually wear your dress again…I’m a little jealous!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two love birds. Seventeen years later, and I still know what you’re going through. Don’t listen to the naysayers……the “feeling” never has to end if you know how to hold on to it.


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