Labor not…

My favorite super hero turned another year wiser this weekend.

I’m glad your mom didn’t opt for a dog.

Thank you for always being amazing… Happy Birthday Love!

I just looooooove Mums… somewhere in my top three favorites.


It is my official first fall candle burning day. Pumkin spice, it smells divine…

It’s a bright spot in my dreary, rainy day.

One bad part of having your birthday so close to a holiday, it makes going away for the weekend a little crowded.

Even though J managed a three day weekend, we stayed pretty close to home.

Dinner and yoga…

Not in that order.

Basil Pina Coladas…

I happen to think they are the best drink ever! Or maybe second, I do love Bloody Mary’s.

I use a double shot glass to measure (one so naughty it will never be on my blog, shame on you king:)

  • 2 oz coconut rum
  • 2 oz coconut milk
  • 4 oz pineapple juice
  • 1-2 large fresh basil leaves
  • two handfuls of ice


If you are a lover of blended drinks, like myself, buy a magic bullet. You will fall in love!

You can use it for other things too…

Yes, he picked sushi for his birthday dinner… predictable.

So J’s sister sent him a cheesecake in the mail for his birthday. Genius, I know! We only ate a couple pieces before J left for three days leaving the rest sitting in my fridge. I hear it calling to me at night… It wants my soul. Damn you Janelle!

Happy Tuesday Loves! I’m going to go have a forkful of cheesecake…



One thought on “Labor not…

  1. I think you should take an out of focus shot of the shot glass and post it;)
    If you can leave the cheese cake alone at all yo are much better person than I am!

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